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Social Media

What was once considered just blissful entertainment and brushed off as merely toyish; is now one of the most impactful and influential ways for your brand to communicate your message, philosophy, and loyalty. 

Whether you are new to social media needs or perhaps have some knowledge dabbling in the craft- allow us to work with you on leveling up your social media game to

where you deserve to be. 

Start Up On-Boarding Package
Starting at $1200 / 1X Fee
  • On-Boarding, Goal Trajectory, Timeline Implementation

  • Channel Build Out (Up to 3 Channels)

  • Establishing Voicing and Tonal Approach to Brand Messaging

  • Copywriting 

  • Designing Custom Cover Photos, Header Images, Pertinents

Level 1 - Social Media Management
Starting at $1400  per month / Based on 1 Year Commitment
  • Monthly Social Media Account Management & Strategy 

  • Monthly Calendar development 

  • Photo research/collection, Management of Stock Photo Accounts (additional fees may be applicable

  • Custom Post Designing

  • Posting to Social Media channels 

  • Actively Connecting and Building Relationships with Audience 

  • Monthly Reporting 

Level 2 & 3  - Social Media Management
Available Upon Further Consult 
Request For Proposal
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